ReadyRoll for Visual Studio

ReadyRoll for Visual Studio

A better way to develop databases
in Visual Studio

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ReadyRoll overview

ReadyRoll is a Visual Studio extension which makes it easy to develop and deploy SQL Server databases.


Schema changes can be initiated directly against your database: use SQL Server Data Tools to design your objects (available for both VS2010 & VS2012), or if you prefer, import changes as you go from SSMS.

Source Control

All ReadyRoll project assets are stored as T-SQL and can be committed via your existing source control provider (eg. TFS, VisualSVN, Git Extensions etc).


In addition to T-SQL script parsing, ReadyRoll uses gated deployment to validate object dependencies. ReadyRoll projects are based on MSBuild, so automating builds within your favourite Continuous Integration server is a cinch.


ReadyRoll comes with Octopus Deploy support out-of-the-box, but you can deploy ReadyRoll's SQLCMD packages using any 3rd party tool you like (eg. InRelease, Bamboo, uDeploy etc).


Migrations are first-class citizens of ReadyRoll projects, giving you precise control over how your database is deployed. Use drift correction to track outside changes and keep your target environments in-sync.


How ReadyRoll works


1 - Build

Develop your database ‘Online’ using the tool of your choice (eg. SSDT designers or SSMS)


2 - Sync

Use the ReadyRoll tool-window within Visual Studio to preview & import schema and data changes


3 - Script

A numerically-ordered SQL script is added to your project which can be refined as needed


4 - Deploy

Check your project into source control and deploy to your Dev/Test/Prod environments

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What People are Saying

Octopus Deploy

“An awesome SQL database change management tool. This is what [SSDT] should have been.” [1]

Paul Stovell Octopus Deploy

"This product is fantastic. Saves us a lot of time and makes our release process consistent and repeatable.”

John Adams, TrueBlue Inc.

“Hands down, ReadyRoll has had the easiest and most complete integration with our development workflow.” [1]

Nathan Donze


“All developers become T-SQL script authors once you show them how easy it is to import table changes and even look-up data.”
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Damian Haynes, Flexigroup

“Leave work, get home, clone project, [ReadyRoll] syncs and seeds my db with my branch... I keep on coding and don't miss a beat.” [1]

Rob Sullivan, aka @datachomp

“Seriously impressed with how easy it is to use @ReadyRollSQL for database deployment. #timetoputfeetup” [1]

Colin Byrne

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