ReadyRoll for Visual Studio

ReadyRoll for Visual Studio

A better way to develop and deploy
databases in Visual Studio

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Migrations Approach

ReadyRoll uses migrations to manage database changes.

This involves creating a series of numerically ordered T-SQL scripts
to migrate from one version of the schema to the next.

Predictable changes

Because ReadyRoll defines change scripts up front, developers have precise control over how your changes are deployed. These scripts are source controlled.

Optimised for automation

ReadyRoll can integrate with your build server to trigger an automatic build of an artifact which can be used to deploy to all of your environments (Octopus Deploy compatible).

Confident Deployments

Be confident that deployments will succeed as they’ve been tested down the pipeline.

How ReadyRoll works


1 - Develop

Develop your database ‘Online’ using the tool of your choice (eg. SSDT designers or SSMS)


2 - Sync

Use the ReadyRoll tool-window within Visual Studio to preview & import schema and data changes


3 - Script

A numerically-ordered SQL script is added to your project which can be refined as needed


4 - Deploy

Check your project into source control and deploy to your Dev/Test/Prod environments

Key ReadyRoll Features

First class Visual Studio integration

ReadyRoll adds a new project type to Visual Studio. Your database changes can live in the same solution as your application code, you also benefit from being able to source control all of your DB changes and build from within Visual Studio.

Automatic script generation

ReadyRoll saves you time by automatically suggesting migration scripts which you can accept, or modify before sharing with other members of your team.

Release automation with Octopus Deploy

ReadyRoll can work with Octopack to build Octopus Deploy ready packages which can be used to deploy to all of your environments.


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What People are Saying

Octopus Deploy

“An awesome SQL database change management tool. This is what [SSDT] should have been.” [1]

Paul Stovell Octopus Deploy

"This product is fantastic. Saves us a lot of time and makes our release process consistent and repeatable.”

John Adams, TrueBlue Inc.

“Hands down, ReadyRoll has had the easiest and most complete integration with our development workflow.” [1]

Nathan Donze


“All developers become T-SQL script authors once you show them how easy it is to import table changes and even look-up data.”
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Damian Haynes, Flexigroup

“Leave work, get home, clone project, [ReadyRoll] syncs and seeds my db with my branch... I keep on coding and don't miss a beat.” [1]

Rob Sullivan, aka @datachomp

“Seriously impressed with how easy it is to use @ReadyRollSQL for database deployment. #timetoputfeetup” [1]

Colin Byrne

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